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I hate when

there is a test, and afterward, certain people are always like, "I did sooooo bad" or "Oh my god, I am going to fail" and then they get their tests back, they get good grades like 90's, and then other people(like myself) always have to show off the c's and d's. I don't know if anyone ever noticed that.

On a different note, I hate people who complain about getting pretty high grades, like B's on tests and stuff, and whine and moan and complain about teachers, but then there are people who actually do fail, who don't say much more than a word, and take the grade. Some people should learn how to deal with it. I'm not going to name names for either. But those people who probably know who they are, should jump of a small ledge, and sprain their ankles.
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i agree, the only times i really say "i think i did bad" is when i didn't know what i was doing. like when i got 60 on a bio test or the 74 on vocab. although i did kind of complain about my grade going down a whole 6 points in humanties, which didn't really matter all that much.
i do it all the time. sometimes i really mean it. other times i don't. most of the time i really do think i did bad. and even if i complain about getting a 90, it's only because i know i could have done batter.
and in a postmortem thought, i had 3 tests today, one i think i did alright on, one i think i did pretty well on, and one i know did bad on aka i already got the grade and it was another 60 (in spanish) yay
yeah, same with me. well, I had two tests I think. Quote Johnny to Ryan.
Johnny: Hey, Ryan, what chapter is this test going to be on?
Ryan: Umm, chapter 6. Didn't you do the review sheets.
Ryan: Wow, you are dumb.

Yeah, it was kind of like that. I forget exactly how it went, but that is close enough. sue me