--- (althekiller) wrote in amesburycore,

speed baboes

Matt Wall

As the silence falls over the crowd, the dark shape moves away from the sun and a collective audible sigh of relief is released; too soon. The dark shadowy shape that had been blotting out the sun can hurl down at the earth, with flames surrounding it like a meteor. The space craft lands in the bay, a mere five miles from its launch site. It had had such high hopes placed on it, of a new life.
Three months prior to this, a baby was being a born in a hospital far from the future accident. Due to increased technology, the baby was soon able to talk, and was on his way to a rapid maturity. The advances of technology were just amazing, because now as soon as a baby was born it could be a teenager in only a few weeks. The education system was also more advanced than it is now, because chips were implanted into the infants head teaching them all they needed to know.
Two months prior to the accident, that same child was already a twenty year old enrolled in college to become an astronaut. His father before him had been one, and his mother had come from space to begin with. She was human; of course, she had merely been born in the space station that was now in horrible disrepair. In their era, children matured slowly just as they do now. The space station had been the latest technology fifty years ago, but now it was treated the same as the dinosaurs of millions of years ago. The space station was to be replaced with a new one, but soon technology soon made that idea useless. With the new technology which allowed people to live in space without an environment, ships became obsolete. The reason that the space craft launching had been such a big deal was the fact that it was being launched using only the power of the passengers' brains. This technology came into being a mere month before the spacecraft launched. By that time, the former infant was now a well respected scholar in the field of space travel and was the person who came up with this technology. That was why he chose to lead this mission, because he had discovered it and felt responsible for its tasks.
The whole reason that this mission was needed was because although they had figured out how to speed up the growth of infants, they had yet to figure how to slow it down. This led to mass death and a dwindling population. The 'speed infants' would not have enough time to have offspring and soon the world would be devoid of human life. They had hoped that space travel at light speed might prolong their lives because at the speed of light, time stops. The hopes of all those 'speed infants' died along with the space shuttle, that cold January morning. It's not like it matter in a few months anyway, because they would all be dead, anyway. The only ones left would be the humans who had grown up in the time before 'speed infants.' The only problem was that none of them were able to produce children. They were merely the last observers of the human race. They watched as one by one the 'speed infants' died, and then slowly, they died too. Ten years after the space craft crash, the world was no longer inhabited by humans.
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